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Posted by KomissarbAv - April 21st, 2021


I haven't posted anything in a whole fuckin year, huh

Let's uhh

try to remedy that

Hold on, what do I got in my folders that isn't just some WIP shit

Posted by KomissarbAv - April 20th, 2020

Ayo listen here

Yes I know I haven't been doing jackshit recently

but that's because like

I haven't actually finished much

and I forgot that Newgrounds was a thing

I've been busy as FUCK with a whole lot of projects

I can probably post... one? two? things right now

I've been super active on twitter though

like, that's the only place I've been lately


I'm scatterbrained enough as-is, but just keep in mind that I've been working on things. I'm spread a little too wide right about now.

Posted by KomissarbAv - August 16th, 2019

Hey lads.

Yeah I know I haven't posted much recently, but that's mostly because I haven't actually finished anything recently in the first place.

As some of you may know, I have a twitter where I post my WIPs [and ramble about stupid shit nobody cares about.]

I've also cooked up a Poizen, where I've put up my commission information.

I'll be adding image samples soon.

I've also got a handful of projects in the works, so bear with me as I get my perfectionist ass to getting anything done.

Here's a sneak peek on my latest venture, the third rework on a fairly old species.





Posted by KomissarbAv - March 7th, 2019

One hell of a goal, eh?

I'm aware that I've been posting fuckall to my galleries so far.

Truth is that I actually am busy slaving away on assorted projects and contract work, but some of them are so grand or so miniscule that it's either not finished or not important enough to post here.

But fret not, I've got quite a doozy of a character model in the works. I'm genuinely excited for this one. As for the ETA, uhhhhhhhhhhh

Posted by KomissarbAv - January 3rd, 2019

It's no surprise that there's plenty of hiatuses, art blocks, and general slacking happening on my part lately. The last time I actually made something was back in like august, not counting pose renders and such.

My new year's resolution is simply to work more frequently. Spacebender's not going to make itself, you know!

Will I be able to actually hold onto that promise this time, considering I've said this to myself every year? It's semi-likely, but gods I fecking hope I can.

Here's to getting shit done!


Posted by KomissarbAv - December 11th, 2018

I'm hearing plenty of rumors that Tumblr was just the start and that Twitter and other western social media sites are cracking down on pornography because of some bills that were passed in the US. SESTA and FOSTA, I think.

Funny how these laws got passed a year ago, considering every time one of these big bad bills popped up, you've got every last person and their grandparents going apeshit about these bills, and urging you to pester government officials and sign a petition and yadda yadda yadda. And then once everything dies down and goes quiet for like a week, and then another big bad bill pops up and the same thing happens all over again, for like five or six years straight.

So there's also a bit of talk that Apple's got their hand in how these social media sites work and they're deciding that niggas are no longer allowed to be horny on main. Here's to hoping that places like DeviantArt, Inkbunny, Newgrounds, etc. are unaffected.

In a sense this whole ordeal is slightly comfy. It's like having your house burned down and moving back to the old countryside cottage you lived in as a kid. Things have changed while you were gone, but it feels right at home.

Posted by KomissarbAv - December 5th, 2018

So everyone's more than aware about the whole tumblr shitstorm that's happened this week.

I've actually already had a newgrounds account since like 2006 or so, but that was during a period of my time that I'd rather not let lads know about.

Also I haven't been here in almost a decade and I totally forgot the password to the old thing, lmao.

So logically, the best course of action is to simply make a new account.

Farewell tumblr, you were a nifty place that made dumping my shitty WIP screencaps like a cakewalk. Damned shame the staff was incompetant.

Also holy shit I've been using this profile pic for years. Looks like I'll have to cook up a new one.